Nude blazer. Part 1

Here are the rest of the wonderful pictures that my friend Rafik Daneel took. Only this session I adapted the blazer (Donna Karan thrifted) to a work outfit. As far as there were a lot of them, I separated the ones where I sit to the ones where I stand… Hope you like them!

Chic for work :)

Ok Ladies, Here is the working version of yesterday’s outfit! Same pants and blouse, but changed jackets (second one half price from H&M) and shoes. Grey, black and white always give this chic effect that you look for when you go to work. Navy blue works real well also (and you know I love this color). I loved these pants because of the shiny fabric, the tightness at the ankles, and the high waist, there looked so edgy to me! The blazer is very cute too, with the woven fabric (Chanel inspired big hit this past Winter) with studds incorporated at the shoulders (edgy again) and the fact that it sits at the waist. Loooove it!

Blue jeans

What is it with the jeans!!! I am obsessed. Even more when it is so beautiful outside (here in Cali)! I went to H&M last weekend and guess what? Found this nicely cut, good quality jeans jacket for half its price… Ladies and gentelmen, H&M doesn’t a 15 dollars off all blazers and jackets (max 2 per customer). Telling you it is worth it would be too much! So this one is a H&M & Now (the limited collection, they do a bit nicer stuff and trendier under this label) and I also got another jacket/blazer for half its price that I will show you tomorrow!! This daytime outit will turn into a work one… Have a great day!


On a weekend and after a full week of work, there is one thing everybody craves for… chilling and relaxing for at least a day (if possible of course…). Well it is exquisite to not be on a schedule and wonder around from coffee place to little shop. Lately I have been dreaming of my home town… ah Paris! But I know it is quite cold over there still (snow in some parts of France), and I’m not a fan of that. I miss the ambiance, the craziness and the beauty of this city; it is impossible to get bored with it! There is always an exhibit, a play, a movie, an event, a concert, a beautiful day to go to the park, or, my favorite thing, go on a shopping excursion and end up in a Café with a patisserie… Mmmm.