“La petite robe noire”

“The little black dress”. Do you know who was the first to “invent” the concept? Wearing a simple little black dress was revolutionary when Gabrielle Chanel (or Coco Chanel if you prefer) started the trend. Now who doesn’t own a simple little black dress? Pretty much everyone. That is because it is so simple, basic even, and if nicely cut, very classy. You can match it with a bright color for example (I’m a fan of this red/orange scarf) and pair it with a cool neckalce or big piece of jewelry (because you can with the simpleness of the dress). Hope you like it!

Angels can fly…

I particularely love this sweater because my mom got it for me… 🙂 And because the wings are so cute and cool at the same time. We all wish we owned the real one! Flying away, going to heaven, never feeling pain… What a plan! So I decided to complement the wings with my butterfly earrings and a light fun pink flowery scarf. Being girly feels so good at times… (PS: did you know that this bright blue is the color of the Archangel Michael?)

Navy blue day

Hi everyone! For this session, I was again inspired by a blazer… lol Yes blazers are too cool. So this one is a Massimo Dutti (Italian brand owned by Inditex, or Zara if you prefer), it is tighter around the waist which shows the curve of the body. Just so nice! I also like the quality of the fabric used: it is inprinted by very thin grey lines if you pay attention on one of the pics. I know it wouldn’t strike you otherwise but I can affirm that the result is brighter, shinier, more attractive in fact that a regular, boring fabric. So! remember when I was telling you about the “black and white” effect… well here it is ! with navy blue but it still works real well.