Friday off!

I bet a lot of you are looking forward to Good Friday! Hope you are planning for a little “weekend escape” and have a good time! A bit of freedom, a bit of family and friends, a bit of sun, a bit of money to spend on good food and good chocolate, and here you… More

Hey sugar

The more it goes the better the weather gets! I kept very wintery colors in this outfit however, go figure… Anyway black and purple are always a good match. Elegant and fun but still dignified… exactly what I love. This outfit you could wear at work (I would think but maybe not) I guess depending on the business. What do you think? Have a great week darlings!

It smells like Spring…

It was so beautiful today I had to wear a skirt, but not like during winter time with boots and a nice warm jacket. No, just with opened heels and a sweater. You probably noticed that I seldom wear a scarf. Well I love them (not only because I’m french). I love them because they can become a cool and interesting little detail in a look. Here is my new scarf find at H&M. Love the colors: pink/orange, turquoise blue, violet, a bit of light yellow, black and white. A very Spring feeling. Even if my scarf is full of colors, however, I didn’t go crazy on the rest…

Night out! Rock’n’roll!!!

Ok I must admit I love neat black leather, with metal studds… But overall I rhink I’m in love with this perfecto jacket or motorcycle jacket as other people call it. I don’t know that I have to talk about this outfit much more. Just see for yourselves… 😉

A bit rainy… :(

Yes… I feel very comfortable in this outfit. You could think that the day is a Sunday and you are right. But why would a Sunday look like I ran all day in my joggings?? No no no, I want to be comfy with taste and harmony maybe because I’m french!! lol just kidding. So the key for the harmony is the matching shades of colors; greys and browns on one side; black and blues on the other. Remember: brown and navy blue ALWAYS go together. You can add black and white to the mix and it works! The details I want to talk about here is: first the flowery scarf and pendant that give a fun and feminine touch; secondly the black leather mitaine gloves.