Napa II

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Here are the last pictures from my Napa Valley trip… The place was gorgeous. Anyhow, I bought new Chanel’s nail polish : nouvelle vague, which is Tiffany’s color turquoise and I absolutely love it. I hesitated with an orange tone, fresh and summery too, but this blue was… More

On a mission

Hey ! I had a very busy and cool weekend ! Went to Napa Valley (those pics are for the next post) and to Bodega Bay (above SF) and it was the first time ! So amazingly beautiful ! I loved it. I also went to a very beautiful wedding, and to a cool BBQ… More

Khaki forever

Here I go again with my green obsession! Only this time it’s one of the most trendy and lovely colors of this Summer. Khaki is a great color for almost every kind of hair, eye color and skin tone. I adore it and I used to wear it a lot when I was a teenager. Anyhow,… More

The white Tee

What do you wear when you aren’t inspired? running pants and a pair of running shoes to match? I hope not! lol. I will most likely go for a simple white tee. The truth is that a white tee looks great with jeans! A jean jacket or a pair of jeans will do the jobwonderfully…. More

Gipsy girl

Hello! I hope you’re having a good weekend! I am at a Jujitsu Convention this weekend and it’s turning out being pretty interesting… A lot of people and a lot to learn. Anyway, I don’t know what went through my head this day when I dressed as you see on the pictures. An once of… More

Rock on!

I hope you had a good weekend! I had a blast last Saturday going to a Moroccan restaurant with new French friends for dinner… I danced so much and laughed so hard, the kind of party you wanna have again soon. So here is the blazer I told you about earlier: a Donna Karan thrifted for $8. I fell for it with its stunning nude color, its eighties cut with strong shoulders, and its very nice and soft fabric. I couln’t beleive it when I found it! Anyway, I created a laid back look with this blazer and the next post will show the work outfit version of it…

Military girl

Here is the following articles I kept from my ealier shopping trip: the beautiful jumpsuit, the cool jacket and these amazing sandals! This khaki colored look is very hot for this coming Summer. It’s pretty much the first time I buy a military patterned piece of clothing and I love it. Jumpsuits and so great, especially this one because the fabric is quite thin… Comfy, fun and classy. Another jumsuit is coming next… 😉