Gipsy girl

Hello! I hope you’re having a good weekend! I am at a Jujitsu Convention this weekend and it’s turning out being pretty interesting… A lot of people and a lot to learn. Anyway, I don’t know what went through my head this day when I dressed as you see on the pictures. An once of… More

“La petite robe noire”

“The little black dress”. Do you know who was the first to “invent” the concept? Wearing a simple little black dress was revolutionary when Gabrielle Chanel (or Coco Chanel if you prefer) started the trend. Now who doesn’t own a simple little black dress? Pretty much everyone. That is because it is so simple, basic even, and if nicely cut, very classy. You can match it with a bright color for example (I’m a fan of this red/orange scarf) and pair it with a cool neckalce or big piece of jewelry (because you can with the simpleness of the dress). Hope you like it!

Pink and black… overdone??

Today’s question: are pink and black outfits overdone? I agree that this combinaison is particularly fit to teenagers. Who hasn’t done it when they were 15? Black and pink only, usually black pants, shoes, cardigan, black eye make up and a pink t-shirt (let’s not forget the inner mystery and drama of our mood). It’s so punk in it’s is own fashionable way. So for this session, I wanted to re-use these two colors and make it work so that I don’t look like a 15 year old. Therefore, I mixed a new color with it: beige/grey or taupe. Three main colors with a fourth: dark green from the peacock pendant. Having 4 colors maximum will bring balance to the equation.

Let’s rock it!

Black and feminine is rock’n’roll to me… The energy of an outfit comes from how YOU feel it and live it. I like it when I feel like I can rock in my clothes! So yes, a mini skirt, a light black blouse (kind of spanish looking by the way) and a pair of heeled boots (leather what else to feel rock’n’roll???) was my pick for today. With mini skirt like these, and because I am not very tall, I often come up with a perfecto style jacket. It’s cool looking because of the motorcycle inspiration and because it is not symetrical. Also don’t black and jeans colors go well togetheer? It’s always a winner match. In order to make things work in this outfit I added a grey/beige scarf that go well with the boots.