Spring flowers

Very H&My outfit, this Spring is totally flowery for me. Bright colors (opposite colors reddish orange and green) are hot this season and because it is sunny here in California (very different from Paris right now…) I want to enjoy it fully! It’s a brautiful day… lalalalalalaaa It’s a beautiful world… Nanananananaaaaaaaa

Angels can fly…

I particularely love this sweater because my mom got it for me… 🙂 And because the wings are so cute and cool at the same time. We all wish we owned the real one! Flying away, going to heaven, never feeling pain… What a plan! So I decided to complement the wings with my butterfly earrings and a light fun pink flowery scarf. Being girly feels so good at times… (PS: did you know that this bright blue is the color of the Archangel Michael?)

Night out! Rock’n’roll!!!

Ok I must admit I love neat black leather, with metal studds… But overall I rhink I’m in love with this perfecto jacket or motorcycle jacket as other people call it. I don’t know that I have to talk about this outfit much more. Just see for yourselves… 😉