Rail Road

It wasn’t very sunny on this day, however it was quite warm so a summery outfit was still appropriate.  I had a crush on this Kookai cardigan (got it as a present too!). It looks stunning to me and so so summery. It also changes from a regular striped shirt, but keeping the navy style!… More

Another green world

Yep I am very inspired by this color… This time the green is closer to a turquoise, or a mix of blue and green. It’s called “bleu canard” in french and I’ve always loved this color. I found this silk skirt at one of my favorite thrift stores for very cheap and had a crush…. More

You can’t wear enough!

You can’t wear enough… trenchcoats! A definite spring buy! chic for every occasion. I already did an article about trenchcoats but I wanted to share about another outfit! I also wanted to show the coolest heels again… from H&M. I am in love with them. This new scarf (from the same brand ;-)) is so versatile that I feel like putting it on everyday… Have a great weekend darlings!!

It smells like Spring…

It was so beautiful today I had to wear a skirt, but not like during winter time with boots and a nice warm jacket. No, just with opened heels and a sweater. You probably noticed that I seldom wear a scarf. Well I love them (not only because I’m french). I love them because they can become a cool and interesting little detail in a look. Here is my new scarf find at H&M. Love the colors: pink/orange, turquoise blue, violet, a bit of light yellow, black and white. A very Spring feeling. Even if my scarf is full of colors, however, I didn’t go crazy on the rest…