Spring-Summer 2010 Forever21 looks

I mainly put all these looks together picking in Forever21’s selection for this season. Ladies you got to check this store out because they came up (amongs a lot of things I don’t like) with things that I really found great for the cheap price! I was amazed. I tried to come up with cool and fun styles and I’d love to know what you think… This session is a total look Forever21.

Red + Green =

Red and green, why not? It’s a bit bold but I tried to keep it clean and simple with simple and straight cuts, as well as not too many details, and of course with black color that tunes it down. Red is sexy but can become vulgar or tacky. Keeping it elegant and vivacious is the hard part. Hope you will enjoy it!

Pink and black… overdone??

Today’s question: are pink and black outfits overdone? I agree that this combinaison is particularly fit to teenagers. Who hasn’t done it when they were 15? Black and pink only, usually black pants, shoes, cardigan, black eye make up and a pink t-shirt (let’s not forget the inner mystery and drama of our mood). It’s so punk in it’s is own fashionable way. So for this session, I wanted to re-use these two colors and make it work so that I don’t look like a 15 year old. Therefore, I mixed a new color with it: beige/grey or taupe. Three main colors with a fourth: dark green from the peacock pendant. Having 4 colors maximum will bring balance to the equation.

Green velour jacket…

Okay so today I want to show you this slick and Balmain style jacket. It gives a relaxed and classy look. Wear it better with boots or low boots, and a pair of jeans. Oh and the bag, sports style with a big buckle, is a great match with this jacket. Navy blue and khaki green go so well together! The other detail I like in the low boots and the bag is the vanilla coloured very visible stiching. So lovely…