Chanel Fall-Winter 2010/11 Video

Karl Lagerfeld invited his guests in the North Pole for a spectacular show in the Grand Palais. This fall and winter collection 2010-2011 is dedicated to furs. However, while at Fendi (for whom Karl Lagerfeld also works), they are all real, at Chanel, this season, they are all fake! When they don’t recover boots, furs are sown, knit, woven in the tweed, signature of the Maison. Declined under all its forms, the fur even turns into pants! It has the merit to warm-up the coldest of us.

Makeup! A serious matter…

This week I will be doing special sessions on different matters. So let’s talk about makeup! I want to share with you techniques and products that you may or may not know. Anyhow, makeup is a serious matter for women and it can be a lot of fun! I approximately take about 10 min to do my entire makeup when I really want to look good for example on each photo shoot…). Otherwise it takes me 5 min for a simple makeup. Ok let’s take a look at each step…

Do you like the Sailor trend???

It’s been rainy lately so I finally had to take out my sailor sweater! What a great pattern! I love it especially when the stripes are thin. Can you name two designers that really love the sailor stripes? Maybe Jean Paul Gaultier and… Coco Chanel yes miss! She did at her beginning of her carrier. She dared to wear those sweaters as a revolt to the actual trends and rules at the time. It has a masculine connotation because only sailors would wear these but you can easily make it look more feminine. Juts add heels, a belt at the waist, maybe a small scarf and a cute bag! Oh and I purposely played with the béret here. A béret will keep your head warm and protected as well as bring a cute and fun touch. I also wanted to talk about the wool coat I am wearing. I absolutely love this coat.

California… I love your weather!

This is my first article about fashion, or at least about my passion and love for it… It happened that today, despite the current month here in northern California, the weather was quite nice, and I mean the kind of nice that you find in Paris only in May maybe. So I was real excited to be able to dress lightly with my brand new H&M sweater that is just gorgeous!! just look at these sparkling shoulders! just too cute.