The white Tee

What do you wear when you aren’t inspired? running pants and a pair of running shoes to match? I hope not! lol. I will most likely go for a simple white tee. The truth is that a white tee looks great with jeans! A jean jacket or a pair of jeans will do the jobwonderfully…. More

So LA…

Here are the last pics from my trip to LA, 10 days ago. I finally decided to do a shoot with my sunglasses on: last year’s collection Paul&Joe eye wear. I know I have been posting a lot of jeans oriented outfits but coming next I will show you my last find at the thrift store… a simple nude color Donna Karan blazer! Not only it is a beautiful item, but my friend and photographer Rafik took the pictures and they look amazing!!! Take care darlings and enjoy the great weather if you are lucky enough to have it!


I hope this Easter Sunday is filled with your loved ones and a lot of tasty chocolate!!! What is your favorite flavour? White? Black or milk? with nuts or praline or maybe fruit flavors? Mmmmm yummy chocolate I love you when you are black and accompanied by hazelnut! xx

Military girl

Here is the following articles I kept from my ealier shopping trip: the beautiful jumpsuit, the cool jacket and these amazing sandals! This khaki colored look is very hot for this coming Summer. It’s pretty much the first time I buy a military patterned piece of clothing and I love it. Jumpsuits and so great, especially this one because the fabric is quite thin… Comfy, fun and classy. Another jumsuit is coming next… 😉


Wanna look “bad ass ” like a girly boyish creature? Go to the next shop and get yourself a pair of boyfriend shorts. You can add a vest and a bandana (bright color looks cool) and you are set! I don’t know why but I am very inspired by blue lately. Hopefuly you are not tired of my blue pendant! I have been wearing it quite a bit during the last photo shoots. Oh and I wanted to show you the last discovery I made at Forever21 for very cheap: the striped shirt with the beautiful broderies on the shoulders. The broderies sometimes look ugly and not very sophisticated but this shirt had some nicely done ones! Have a great week!


Ladies I just got this beautiful jacket at forever21 for sale… and it is beautifully inspired by Balmain! Broad shoulders, officer style and so chic. Blue was my pick and jeans are hot this season (as if it came out of style… nonsense!) If you don’t know what to wear, what is a better choice than a cool pair of jeans and a stylish jacket or blazer!

A little promenade

Here I come again with my sailor shirt. It was the perfect thing to wear for a nice little walk, in a cute neighborhood, on a Sunday afternoon! I still wore I blazer which is more dressy but that’s just because I like to mix casual (like these ripped jeans from Abercrombie and Fitch) and chic. I am wearing a thicker belt here because the sweater is a little too long otherwise. I would have not put the belt if I had worn leggings for example. Let’s talk about the jeans now. Ripped, but not only… I folded the bottom in a way so that they rest right above my ankles. I believe this rule should be applied for any “boyfriend” type of jeans just because after studying the question, I came up with this distance as looking the best for pretty much anyone… lol.

Navy blue day

Hi everyone! For this session, I was again inspired by a blazer… lol Yes blazers are too cool. So this one is a Massimo Dutti (Italian brand owned by Inditex, or Zara if you prefer), it is tighter around the waist which shows the curve of the body. Just so nice! I also like the quality of the fabric used: it is inprinted by very thin grey lines if you pay attention on one of the pics. I know it wouldn’t strike you otherwise but I can affirm that the result is brighter, shinier, more attractive in fact that a regular, boring fabric. So! remember when I was telling you about the “black and white” effect… well here it is ! with navy blue but it still works real well.