Summer basics

Hey darlings! I hope you had a great weekend! I had some fun and some time at the swimming pool. Anyhow, in this post I wanted to show some weardrobe basics of mine that I consider great for Summer: a nude blazer and wedges, a black simple jumpsuit and a stripe “marinière” bag.

Nude blazer. Part 1

Here are the rest of the wonderful pictures that my friend Rafik Daneel took. Only this session I adapted the blazer (Donna Karan thrifted) to a work outfit. As far as there were a lot of them, I separated the ones where I sit to the ones where I stand… Hope you like them!

Chic for work :)

Ok Ladies, Here is the working version of yesterday’s outfit! Same pants and blouse, but changed jackets (second one half price from H&M) and shoes. Grey, black and white always give this chic effect that you look for when you go to work. Navy blue works real well also (and you know I love this color). I loved these pants because of the shiny fabric, the tightness at the ankles, and the high waist, there looked so edgy to me! The blazer is very cute too, with the woven fabric (Chanel inspired big hit this past Winter) with studds incorporated at the shoulders (edgy again) and the fact that it sits at the waist. Loooove it!

Hey sugar

The more it goes the better the weather gets! I kept very wintery colors in this outfit however, go figure… Anyway black and purple are always a good match. Elegant and fun but still dignified… exactly what I love. This outfit you could wear at work (I would think but maybe not) I guess depending on the business. What do you think? Have a great week darlings!

Red + Green =

Red and green, why not? It’s a bit bold but I tried to keep it clean and simple with simple and straight cuts, as well as not too many details, and of course with black color that tunes it down. Red is sexy but can become vulgar or tacky. Keeping it elegant and vivacious is the hard part. Hope you will enjoy it!

Sexy blue…

This is an outfit for work darlings. I wanted it fun, meaning not too severe but still professional. If you can look elegant and sexy on top of that why not? As long as you don’t show too much skin… I have a hard time putting away my blue Goyard bag lately, probably because it feels like spring is coming!

My light grey cardigan

This is a cool sleeveless cardigan, the kind that will turn a chic piece into a casual outfit. Casual chic is definitely what I prefer… the high waisted pants (they are not leather by the way) plus the silk blouse give off an elegant attitude. And as you probably noticed, I am a big fan of navy blue matching with black and a lighter but still neutral tint like grey. The contrast falls also in the chic “department” always. Furthermore my legs look really and that is to thank the same color and kind of texture running from my legs to the point of my toes : black pants + black high heeled shoes! And please notice again the 4 color code is still applying here : black, navy blue, light grey and… a little blue scarf!