I think it’s the first time I show you this beautiful wool coat from Zara, but even if it was cold, I had to make this outfit a little bit “Springish”! Like a chic sailor always… Oh and the jeans jacket (with studs from Forever21) that look fantastique make this look something else. Have a great weekend dear readers!

Cool shorts

This pair of shorts are a last buy (showed them to you in a recent article on Forever21). They were cheap and most important nicely cut. I fell in love with the color and the zipper on the side. Sooo cool. The weather has been going from one direction to another and I just don’t know what season this is supposed to be! Two weeks ago and a couple days last week it was so nice and hot and this weekend the cold invite itself again…

Forever waiting…

Ready for an excursion? Going anywhere for an adventure? Gotta be comfortable and at ease in your close… and of course still look sexy. Give me trooper boots, leggings, a Chanel style belt over a camouflage shirt and a jeans jacket! I was waiting for my ride on this parking lot. Almost thought we wouldn’t arrive! Have a good weekend ladies.

You can’t wear enough!

You can’t wear enough… trenchcoats! A definite spring buy! chic for every occasion. I already did an article about trenchcoats but I wanted to share about another outfit! I also wanted to show the coolest heels again… from H&M. I am in love with them. This new scarf (from the same brand ;-)) is so versatile that I feel like putting it on everyday… Have a great weekend darlings!!

Angels can fly…

I particularely love this sweater because my mom got it for me… 🙂 And because the wings are so cute and cool at the same time. We all wish we owned the real one! Flying away, going to heaven, never feeling pain… What a plan! So I decided to complement the wings with my butterfly earrings and a light fun pink flowery scarf. Being girly feels so good at times… (PS: did you know that this bright blue is the color of the Archangel Michael?)

Jeans again…

Did you ever wonder what you would wear on a regular relaxed day if jeans didn’t exist? Frankly, I don’t know! As a jeans lover I can not imagine my life without it. I own more than 10 pair of jeans (not talking about the jackets here…lol) of differents colors, cuts, style… Life would be boring otherwise. The pair I’m wearing now I found in a thrift store in LA. They are Abercrombie & Fitch for 8 dollars. I love this brand for jeans because they make the pockets just right… Meaning your butt looks really good. Don’t fool yourself here, the back pockets are crucial for jeans… They can make your butt either look sexy, or disgusting and bigger than what they are. Also, one thing I want to add in this session is the fact that I restricted my self to 5 colors exceptionally: blue of the jeans, navy blue, beige and brown (the hue is close so it works), and white. White looks dignified and classy with navy blue and beige. I love the match! Enjoy!

A little promenade

Here I come again with my sailor shirt. It was the perfect thing to wear for a nice little walk, in a cute neighborhood, on a Sunday afternoon! I still wore I blazer which is more dressy but that’s just because I like to mix casual (like these ripped jeans from Abercrombie and Fitch) and chic. I am wearing a thicker belt here because the sweater is a little too long otherwise. I would have not put the belt if I had worn leggings for example. Let’s talk about the jeans now. Ripped, but not only… I folded the bottom in a way so that they rest right above my ankles. I believe this rule should be applied for any “boyfriend” type of jeans just because after studying the question, I came up with this distance as looking the best for pretty much anyone… lol.

Another pink alternative…

Here I am with another alternative to a pink type outfit. I had, in my closet, this pinkish, violet long sleeve blouse that I adore. It’s silk therefore very soft, comfortable and it flows really well. It’s great under a blazer. I don’t know why, but since I come from Paris, every time the sun is out I feel like bright colors and fun patterns! It’s very very cold and rainy back home at this time of the years so I want to enjoy this wonderful californian weather! Anyhow, This bouse is fantastic also because the pattern is rich of suddlety with magenta, violet, purple and green mixed together. It is like a prairie of flowers putting me in a joyful mood right away.

Let’s rock it!

Black and feminine is rock’n’roll to me… The energy of an outfit comes from how YOU feel it and live it. I like it when I feel like I can rock in my clothes! So yes, a mini skirt, a light black blouse (kind of spanish looking by the way) and a pair of heeled boots (leather what else to feel rock’n’roll???) was my pick for today. With mini skirt like these, and because I am not very tall, I often come up with a perfecto style jacket. It’s cool looking because of the motorcycle inspiration and because it is not symetrical. Also don’t black and jeans colors go well togetheer? It’s always a winner match. In order to make things work in this outfit I added a grey/beige scarf that go well with the boots.

Dress turned into skirt…

Every woman sometimes wonders how they can use their work clothes in another context than work… Well why not? if the fabric is really lovely, comfy, if you love the color. Here the dress is of a kinda pinkish grey, the fabric is very soft, falls straight and doesn’t wrinkle. Cool dress, fancy look (the top is special and detailed but you can’t see it because I hid it purposely). So I wanted to wear it on a more relaxed note. The ballerinas (Chanel style please!) definitely inspire relaxation. Let’s talk about the colors: grey hues (shirt) and a light jeans color (jacket) were my pick for this dress.