‘Old Town’

‘Old town’ is fun for it’s look from a hundred years ago… The constructions from the gold mining period are an entertainment by themselves. Privately owned shops are still present and you can find some unusual things like costumes, stupid gifts, candy apples and jewelry stores.

Weekend in SF

A little weekend in SF… Isn’t that nice? It was beautiful and the sky was clear. We had some great traditional mexican food at Colibri on Geary St in the evening. I had some time to do some shopping in Zara where there was a big sale! I’ll show you that in a later post!… More

Summer shorts

Here is a simple outfit to hang out around the swimming pool… I adore this blouse (silk and coton); it is so comfortable to wear for a casual or work day! I love the vintage feeling to it. Hope you’re having a great week! 😉

Napa II

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Here are the last pictures from my Napa Valley trip… The place was gorgeous. Anyhow, I bought new Chanel’s nail polish : nouvelle vague, which is Tiffany’s color turquoise and I absolutely love it. I hesitated with an orange tone, fresh and summery too, but this blue was… More

Khaki forever

Here I go again with my green obsession! Only this time it’s one of the most trendy and lovely colors of this Summer. Khaki is a great color for almost every kind of hair, eye color and skin tone. I adore it and I used to wear it a lot when I was a teenager. Anyhow,… More

Another green world

Yep I am very inspired by this color… This time the green is closer to a turquoise, or a mix of blue and green. It’s called “bleu canard” in french and I’ve always loved this color. I found this silk skirt at one of my favorite thrift stores for very cheap and had a crush…. More


Hey darlings! Hope you’re having a nice week. This session I’m wearing this beautiful green thrifted dress (from the same store as the Donna Karan nude blazer). I especially like the color and the printed plants for 9 dollars. I had fun doing this photo shoot with my friend Rafik Daneel. He amazes me every… More

Little house in the prairie!

I don’t know how much girlier I could look… lol What about a little flower attached to my hair? No seriously, I felt so feminine but in a different way than usual: girly feminine. Pretty much any of you would understand what I mean here: flowers, princessy dress, glitter and strass, pink purse and nails…… More


I have been watching some classic movies like The Graduate, Harold and Maud… These movies are pretty incredible! They also were so controversial for the time. Imagine: a movie about adultry and happiness and another about a teenager and a grandmother falling in Love! I was quite impressed and it put me in the mood… More