Easy easy…

Today I felt like blue. I really love blue when I combine it with grey, like this beautiful grey leather jacket from Zara… Ha Zara!… I love that brand. Anyway, the peacock scarf also comes from that store: what do you want?!! They copy designers for a lot cheaper and when I was back home in Paris, I used to go to a Zara store about 3 times a week because they constantly have new pieces. So yeah, I also want to talk about the navy blue t-shirt.

California… I love your weather!

This is my first article about fashion, or at least about my passion and love for it… It happened that today, despite the current month here in northern California, the weather was quite nice, and I mean the kind of nice that you find in Paris only in May maybe. So I was real excited to be able to dress lightly with my brand new H&M sweater that is just gorgeous!! just look at these sparkling shoulders! just too cute.