About Me


I was born and raised, until the age of 25, in and around Paris, France. For women who love beauty and elegant femininity, Paris was and remains a truly amazing place. I have so many fond memories of wandering through boutiques with my mother, searching the backstreets for unknown gems, and of gorgeous women of all ages effortlessly walking down the street in the most gorgeous ensembles. For the Parisian woman, beauty is ageless and timeless: it is something that comes from within and is expressed through each woman’s lifestyle. This Parisian flare is something I still carry within me and hope to share with my clients.

From a very young age, I was supported in my desire to study all things beautiful: fine art, music, dance, and design. My formal arts education culminated with my admission to L’Ecole Duperre and L’Ecole Boulle, considered two of the most prestigious design schools in France.  During my formal arts education, I studied fashion design, object design and interior design for 6 years. I also had the opportunity to work at several different design and architecture agencies in Paris and California.

After completing my design studies, I decided to return to what I had always adored—fashion—and successfully completed an MBA in Luxury Brand Marketing and International Management at L’Institut Superieur de Marketing du Luxe in Paris, which was created by the jeweler Cartier. During and after my MBA, I had the pleasure of working for several European luxury fashion brands where I was able to augment my theoretical understanding of Marketing with a practical understanding of customer service, relationship management, and store management.