Zoya Nail Polish

This is a beautiful brand that you can find at Whole Foods and Nugget Market. It is a professional and organic line with really amazing colors and quality for $8 a bottle. Their polish remover called Remove+ is absolutely a must have. The big bottle is $10 but it will remove easily 5 coats of nail polish without drying your skin and stinking your apartment. Amazing. I have noticed the nail polish wears better and longer when applied after Remove+. I also have another product which is not a Zoya one but necessary for a nail polish lover that I want to share about: Seche Vite, dry fast coat. This is the BEST top coat you can find (at Ulta for example); the most rapid (20 sec) and resistant (5 whole days) product on the market. Hopefully you like them when you try them!



Bekka (or Chanel Mimosa color?)


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