LA weather sucks

LA weather sucks: LA was not sunny 🙁 I had to dress up with some boots most of the time! This is really frustrating for a vacation week! The rain made a mess all over California! I wanted to wear the new spring items I got but I guess it will be more for the next post. I don’t know about you guys but I feel like times are so challenging lately and filled with obstacles to overcome… These major events throughout the world at this time of our lives just makes me hope that something better will come. The storm has to calm down at some point! We all need peace and harmony. Have a great weekend 😉

You know how I mentioned I had my carpet cleaned last time? It was by Carpet Cleaning San Jose in fact!

Jacket, pants : Zara

Top, necklace, scarf, gloves : H&M

Military boots : Unknown

LA weather sucks


  1. Même si (ce qui ne saurait tarder) le temps ne se prête pas encore aux tenues d’Eté les caprices climatiques Californiens ne t’empêchent en rien de rugir de “Trendylicious-ity” Dear !!!
    ps: L’Histoire est en marche, ses convulsions ouvrent sur un avenir incertain mais rien en effet n’interdit le Meilleur d’en sortir . . .

    à Bientôt, Antoine

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