Collective Soul

Hey everyone! Weekend is coming and the sun has been missing where I live… In fact the fog has taken over in a way I didn’t think was possible! It’s quite a pain to get anywhere fast. Anyway, last week I stopped by H&M and found some really cute items like this striped sweater with elbow patches and this red thin belt. I thought I wouldn’t like the black stripes but I do in fact. I have another couple sweater, pants and shoes to show you soon enough! The title of this post today refers to this song ‘December’ of 1995 that I rediscovered the other night. The group is called Collective Soul and for some reason they manage to bring old memories back when I listen to ‘December’. Hope all is well, xx

Sweater, Belt : H&M

Jeans, Shoes : Zara

Vest : Forever21

Big bracelet : Burberry

Ring : Massimo Dutti


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