Hey eveyone! Like I said, I’m posting about my Parisian trip of 9 days. It was great to be home, with family and friends and to feel and see what I used to be around all the time before I moved to California. I was extremely busy but I could take some pics… Hopefully you like them! 😉

This picture and the first one are of the Ile de la Cité where Notre-Dâme is in the middle of the city…

Pierre Hermé of course with his fabulous pastries and maccarrons…. My fave: Maccarron à la Rose :-))

Okay, I had to show my my two cats back home: Lilou

and Merlin…

During my stay, I went to this Organic products Fair by the Castle of Vincennes in the East suburb of Paris: Marjolaine. I’ve been going there every year when  hundreds of small businesses (usually from everywhere in France) show what they make… It’s fabulous to see all that creativity and care about humans and nature. In this shots, I’m mainly showing food but there is so much more!

My favorite: Chocolate…

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