Marie’s Donuts

Marie’s Donuts is a cute donut shop by our appartment. They’re open till 2 in the morning which is quite nice when you go out dancing late… Anyway, I am typing in my parents house right now back in Paris… Yes, I went back for a small 10 days and going back to Cali next wednesday! The circumstances at work made it possible for me to get back home for a short time but it’s much better than nothing! The weather here is awfull however, rainy, cold, windy, I’m not used to it anymore!! Just look at these pics, I mean I’m wearing some tights but that’s about it… xx

Sweater : Zara

Skirt : Naf Naf

Belt : H&M

Sandals : Et Vous

Scarf : Mom’s

Pendant : Vintage


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