Chez Lattha

For this post, I want to share about my haidresser in Paris

(I mean everytime I am in Paris and I need a haircut). I met Lattha about 2 years ago when my cousin advised me to get a haircut from him because she said he was really talented. I didn’t really like the place he worked before but he definitely became my hairdresser after the first time seeing him. He is amazing and I was sad to have to find another hairdresser in California when I left about a year ago. Anyway! my family kept coming to him and my mom let me know that Lattha just had opened his own hair salon before I arrived to Paris 12 days ago…

Well, this was just amazingly perfect because I desperately needed a new haircut! So here I was, 4 days ago, walking in the 14th district of Paris looking for his hair salon. His boutique is located on the 14 Rue des Gobelins, a small, quiet street, perpendicular to the Avenue des Gobelins, at the métro Porte D’Italie. I instantly loved the cosy, relaxed and trendy look of the place. I could tell he put his heart into the decoration and feel of his salon, it looked great and I couldn’t wait to say hi to Lattha. It had been a while since I had seen him. He asked me right away if I wanted a little café before we start and of course (at 10 in the morning…) I said: yes! The delicious Nespresso café and cookies on an adorable plate put me in a good mood. He then took care of me, washing my hair, seeing what I wanted for a haircut, cutting it and drying it while having the conversations we used to, took about 40 min. And what a pleasant 40 min. I have always left his place feeling like a superstar… And this time, I got tempted by a manucure and I stayed a bit longer 🙂 The lady (I would guess his sister or cousin) did a great job as well, very professional and gentle with my hands. This added service was a great surprise! I stayed about an hour and a half and recommend everyone looking for a great experience and and amazing haidresser to go see Lattha as soon as possible!! xx

Here is the result!! 🙂

Women’s haircut: 40 euros

Manucure: 20 euros

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