Probably my last time wearing shorts without tights… Fall is here. I’ve been a little nostalgic about my home country: Paris, France. I miss the strong presence of Fall, the cafés, boulangeries, restaurants, fairs, exhibits, clubs and everything that makes Paris, Paris. I know I’m in a different phase of my life in California, and that there are many fun things to do and look forward to here. Sometimes it’s hard to forget and stop focusing on the things you miss, I’m sure you all know what I mean. xx

Tee : Zara

Shorts : Mango

Scarf : H&M

Belt : Zara

Wedges : Minelli

Jewelry : IAM


  1. Cou cou!

    Tu as raison, je te comprends super super bien. ça m’est arrivé, mais c’est surtout les gens qui te manquent de ton pays. Courage Magali. You are Paris and wherever you go it will go with you =) it’s a matter of time…

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