L’été Indien

Hey everyone! I hope you had an amazing weekend! The title of my post here describes pretty well how I’m feeling the air lately: “l’été indien”. It simply refers to the reminiscence of Summer through the chills of the present Fall. The sky is blue all the time, some clouds come here and there before leaving again, I still need my sunglasses to drive, but, I can feel a cold breeze reminding me that in a couple weeks Halloween will be there. California, this is what you do to me: you make me forget that in other places in the world (like Paris where my family lives) they already got used to the ankle booties, raincoats, and fun scarfs. I love you for it, California.

Blouse : Vintage

Cargo Pants + Tee : H&M

Purse : Zara

Sandals : Et Vous

Jewelry : Massimo Dutti + IAM


  1. WOow so un “Eté Indien” qui scelle – à fleur de pieds (joliment) harnachés et de ventre (tout aussi joliment) dénudé- l’alliance de “L’aventurière citadine ” ET de LA “laid back BOMBnextdoor” !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

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