Camel and Print. Part 2

Happy Halloween everyone!! It was pretty warm today and I don’t exactly know why I was wearing a scarf! Granted I am constantly pulling on it on the pics 🙂 but it does look good with this outfit… Anyway, My costume for Halloween (nothing related to this photoshoot) was of a dark angel, dressed mainly in black leather (pants, purse, jacket, mitaines gloves, over-the-knee boots…) with some cool big wings I found for $15! The funny thing is that I got a lot of compliment for it… me, who was showing pretty much nothing of my body (compared to all the women who were dressed up)!! My man had a long black wool coat, with devil red horns, and a cute moustache… What a fun night with friends! How were your costumes looking like? xx

Leather Jacket : Entracte

Pants : H&M

Tee, Purse, Wedges : Zara

Scarf : Maje

Earrings : Swarovski

Pendant : Vintage


  1. hey, thanks for visiting my blog and saying hello! i’m so glad you did…love your blog and your style! this outfit is freaking great…you pull off print pants so well.
    stop by again, anytime!

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