Phenomenal Phoenix

Hey hey! I’m sorry to have disappeared for a couple days. My trip down to Santa Barbara last weekend kinda threw off my week! Anyhow, The Phoenix concert I went to was really memorable. It was perfection; from the vibe of the group, the amazing drummer (one of the best on the market) and guitarists, the sound system, the lighting, the flow between each song, I had nothing else to say but yell : BRAVOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! It wasn’t just a show, it was a piece of Art, everything was so well thought and worked, and furthermore you could really tell that the group genuinly was here to give an amazing experience and have fun!! I put a little video in this article so you can contemplate the quality of their performance (of course not as amazing as if you’d be there). AMAZING.

This video isn’t mine but it isn’t too bad… It gives a pretty good sense of how the concert went and of what Phoenix does… ;-)))

This is a pic of the Ventura Pier where we had lunch before heading to Santa Barbara…

I knew it would get cold at night because we are so close to the sea; I needed a nice warm jacket, just like the one I just bought at H&M for 30 bucks! 😉

And here we are seated (quite a bit early from when the show started… obviously)

Shearling jacket : H&M

Jeans : Burberry

Tee : H&M

Scarf : Burberry

Purse : Zara

Wedges : Zara

Pendants : H&M and gift


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