Spring-Summer 2010, my favorite Designers!

I want to share about a selection of my very favs from the runway…

First: bright color statements and fun outfits.

Isabel Marant (1,2,3)

A special wow to Isabel Marant. Her simple casual but so classy style is just amazing. The keywords to me were fresh, sophisticated négligé, and fun. The pink is gorgeous, like a statement piece and the very thin stripes are so cute. I beleive these boots will become a trend (as well as other designs of boots that you will see below). The hareem pants are still very present for this season and I find them hype. I also noticed and love the feather earrings. Sooooo cute!

Second: fun and bright colored looks.

Isabel Marant (1), Burberry Prorsum (2)

The blue dress is stunning! The detail of the folded fabric put together with the “pearly” fabric looks great.

Thirdly: The funky and pshychedelic designs.

Givenchy (1), Alexander McQueen (2, 3)

Vibrants looks, colors and patterns.  Interesting, inspiring and strong. The short skirt is hot this summer!

Fourth: Sparkling and colorful prints.

Proenza Schouler (1, 3), Isabel Marant (2)

This is sooo sexy: the prints, vibrant colors, almost like flamboyant birds! Stunning. Love the Proenza Schouler heels too. The sparling style is really in for this season.

Fith: Stripes!

Isabel Marant (1), Givenchy (2)

Stripes are very present this Spring and I must say that when put together and worn like Isabel Marant or Givenchy, they take another elegant dimension. Isabel knows how to make it casual chic and Givenchy knows how to make it amazingly and sculptural chic.

Six: White Black Nude.

Chloé (1), Burberry Prorsum (2), Givenchy (3)

So classic and intemporal. The 3 basic colors that rock. Hareem pants and Overalls are very trendy so far and will be in style! I love them all. Burberry Prorsum really did a good job to bring some dynamism and texture quality to a color that can be non-flattering. Keeping it with other neutrals and some cute details brings great style to the outfit.

Also, in case you didn’t notice, this summer the trend for shoes is over the ankle boots. So exciting and sexy! Creates a great silhouette and of course you are on heels so you look taller. The silhouette becomes hype just the way I like it!

Seven: Shiny metallic pants. Or any shiny metallic detail.

Balmain (1,2)

Sexy, edgy and hype. To combine with a simple vest or blazer. I love the neutral colors matching with the shiny pants. It doesn’t look “clowny” but very urban and sophisticated instead.

Eighth: Sexy shiny dresses.

Balmain (1,2)

Balmain really got my attention on his collection. I love the shinyness of the fabric, the folding and wrapping of his work. The body is magnified and the boots are woooooooooowww.

Hair Style!

Check out the braid…

Hermès Advertisement and Alexander Wang’s are stunning!

Miu Miu.

I love the fresh, youthful and still so sexy look of a single long braid on the side of your shoulder. KILLER!

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