Do you like the Sailor trend???

It’s been rainy lately so I finally had to take out my sailor sweater! What a great pattern! I love it especially when the stripes are thin. Can you name two designers that really love the sailor stripes? Maybe Jean Paul Gaultier and… Coco Chanel yes miss! She did at her beginning of her carrier. She dared to wear those sweaters as a revolt to the actual trends and rules at the time. It has a masculine connotation because only sailors would wear these but you can easily make it look more feminine. Juts add heels, a belt at the waist, maybe a small scarf and a cute bag! Oh and I purposely played with the béret here. A béret will keep your head warm and protected as well as bring a cute and fun touch. I also wanted to talk about the wool coat I am wearing. I absolutely love this coat. The color is of a really light beige, easily matching a lot of outfits. The special aspect of it is the fringe. I know it reminds you of some indian look but in this case,  the rest of the coat is cut well enough, and it is simple enough to be tastefull and very classy. It is almost a mix with a poncho. I don’t know if you noticed but long drapped pieces of fabric give a mystical and elegant attitude. I am a big fan…

Coat : Zara

Sailor sweater : Zara

Velour blazer : H&M

Pants : Zara

Belt : little boutique in Paris

Scarf : vintage

Hat : H&M

Low boots : Zara

Bag : little boutique in Spain

Earrings : H&M

Ring : Accessorize

Pendant : vintage

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  1. This is a fun and original outfit! LOVE the coat you look so dignified in it. I’ll think about wearing my sailor/stripe shirt…

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