On a mission

Hey ! I had a very busy and cool weekend ! Went to Napa Valley (those pics are for the next post) and to Bodega Bay (above SF) and it was the first time ! So amazingly beautiful ! I loved it. I also went to a very beautiful wedding, and to a cool BBQ… More

Picnic at the lake… <3

What else? right? lol. Yes it was a great afternoon, with friends, great food and a game of cards! The kind of Sunday that make you feel good. Oh and on top of that, my friend Rafik Daneel took the pics! Anyway, They are from before my trip to France, but, because I wanted you… More

Kate Moss for Topshop

Hi darlings! I am sorry I’ve been away from the web for a couple days… I have been extremely busy with an appartment renovation project here in Paris. Running around, finding the materials, the people and everything else. I’ve been so busy I felt that I should touch base quickly right now because I am… More

Memories from the country side

I had a great time in Dordogne! Had great food and the weather was quite sunny. It’s a rather rainy area (next to the center of France, but on the west side) therefore very green (lots of cows, farms and small villages). These are pics taken there by my brother again (he’s my official photographer… More

New wedges

Hey Ladies! My stay here in Paris (and in Dordogne for 2 days) is going really well. I’m having a real good time, having some real good food, and seeing family and friends. What else? right? Well Zara is the other thing… Like these brand new finds: The shoes (very similar to Chloé), the purse,… More

Khaki forever

Here I go again with my green obsession! Only this time it’s one of the most trendy and lovely colors of this Summer. Khaki is a great color for almost every kind of hair, eye color and skin tone. I adore it and I used to wear it a lot when I was a teenager. Anyhow,… More


Back home for 2 weeks… I had to take some pics now that I don’t live here anymore! It was a cloudy day today but it’s rather usual for Paris. I love the areas by la Seine (the river that crosses west-east sides of this city. I never get tired of my “home town”; it’s… More

Another green world

Yep I am very inspired by this color… This time the green is closer to a turquoise, or a mix of blue and green. It’s called “bleu canard” in french and I’ve always loved this color. I found this silk skirt at one of my favorite thrift stores for very cheap and had a crush…. More


Hey darlings! Hope you’re having a nice week. This session I’m wearing this beautiful green thrifted dress (from the same store as the Donna Karan nude blazer). I especially like the color and the printed plants for 9 dollars. I had fun doing this photo shoot with my friend Rafik Daneel. He amazes me every… More