Jumpsuits are so fun!

Last outfit with articles I kept : the jacket and the jumpsuit. I LOVE jumpsuits. They will make you taller with the right cut and the right fabric. These two jumpsuits I selected (the Zara and the Mango) are the two very best I found…

Military girl

Here is the following articles I kept from my ealier shopping trip: the beautiful jumpsuit, the cool jacket and these amazing sandals! This khaki colored look is very hot for this coming Summer. It’s pretty much the first time I buy a military patterned piece of clothing and I love it. Jumpsuits and so great, especially this one because the fabric is quite thin… Comfy, fun and classy. Another jumsuit is coming next… 😉

Total black love

I’m sorry for my absence this past week; I was in LA and was busy busy busy. I have some pictures to postor later though!

So here is what I kept from my last pick in H&M! The blazer and skirt are available right now at H&M…

New finds Zara/Mango/H&M

A special article on my latest picks in Zara, Mango and H&M!

I didn’t buy anything but I couldn’t help taking pictures to show you the cool newest arrivals in my favorite stores…

I am hungry of khaki colors, greys, blacks, jumpsuits and blues… And so much more.

Chic for work :)

Ok Ladies, Here is the working version of yesterday’s outfit! Same pants and blouse, but changed jackets (second one half price from H&M) and shoes. Grey, black and white always give this chic effect that you look for when you go to work. Navy blue works real well also (and you know I love this color). I loved these pants because of the shiny fabric, the tightness at the ankles, and the high waist, there looked so edgy to me! The blazer is very cute too, with the woven fabric (Chanel inspired big hit this past Winter) with studds incorporated at the shoulders (edgy again) and the fact that it sits at the waist. Loooove it!

Blue jeans

What is it with the jeans!!! I am obsessed. Even more when it is so beautiful outside (here in Cali)! I went to H&M last weekend and guess what? Found this nicely cut, good quality jeans jacket for half its price… Ladies and gentelmen, H&M doesn’t a 15 dollars off all blazers and jackets (max 2 per customer). Telling you it is worth it would be too much! So this one is a H&M & Now (the limited collection, they do a bit nicer stuff and trendier under this label) and I also got another jacket/blazer for half its price that I will show you tomorrow!! This daytime outit will turn into a work one… Have a great day!

Alexander McQueen Fall-Winter 2010/11

Before committing suicide on February 11th, the English Designer had practically finished 16 silhouettes of its Fall-Winter collection 2010-2011. Judging by the magnificence of the models, it was a Haute Couture collection. Inspired by the historic and religious representations of the Middle Ages, McQueen manages to create a sacred dimension to his designs. Imperial and poetic, the last garment (coat of feathers covered with gold with a high collar) crystallized the imagination and technical know-how of the Genius, too early gone.

Lovely Vanilla!

What a beautiful weekend we had here in Northern California! Eating ice cream, enjoying the love… Going to the movies (watched Greenzone with Matt Damon, good movie I recommend it!) and eating pizza (Hot Italian restaurant in Sacramento). There is one thing I miss though: water. The river, the ocean, a lake… would do it very well.